The CPA Difference

CPAs are the undisputed top dogs of the Accounting world. To earn the right to be a CPA, degree-qualified professionals with industry experience must undergo one of the most demanding post-graduate programs known to man-kind. Over several years, this would-be CPA must endure sleep deprivation, mental anguish, and other hardships that will stress him or her beyond human limits to emerge deadlier than Ninjas with calculators; ready to lead the forces of modern accounting.

It doesn't end there. It is mandatory for all CPAs to continue sharpening their already razor sharp Jedi-like accounting powers through CPA Australia's dreaded "Continuous Professional Development" - 120 hours of sheer agony every three years so as to better serve the public good.

Like Monks, CPAs are also bound by a strict Code (of Professional Conduct). CPA Accounting firms are also subject to regular Quality Assurance audits administered by CPA Australia.

You deserve better. You deserve a Ninja Jedi Monk CPA.